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11-13-2012, 07:41 AM
Well I suppose they make a lot of money so I fear more p2w stuff will come and we somehow have to live with it. But I heard often that p2w consoles are crutches for bad players or something like that. Now that gave me a thought...

We all know many randoms lack the basic understanding of the game mechanics. Like how to make a simple keybind to distribute shields. It's not so easy to educate new players because they have to be willing to listen and to learn. So why not some new "p2w" consoles that exactly help players like that.
Why not have an auto distribute shields console. Now mind you I don't think it should be something like TT but simply a console that has the same effect as spamming your distribute shields button. So in the end you are wasting a console slot because you don't get an advantage if you are already distributing shields. But I think many players would spend money on such a thing, it would improve pvp for all of us I suppose, it would even help in pve and cryptic could make money.

Now I suppose we could come up with many such things, that won't help an experienced player but improve the performance of new players. And since cryptic would sell them they make money and all are happy.