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Originally Posted by seekerkorhil View Post
I'll believe that when I see a Retrait token added to the zen store.


The biggest thing holding this back appears to be Dstahl himself, as in the past whenever he replied to the request he insisted it be bundled with a re-career & re-species and possible re-gender.

I have no need to re-species, re-career, or re-gender my characters, but I have an absolute need to re-trait them, and soon. I would immediately dump whatever money needed for the Zen to do this on at least 3 of my characters the day it launched, guaranteed. I *MIGHT* look to re-career one or two toons, but it would take some bellyaching on my part as I'm not yet sure who I would want to swap to what.

Speaking of do-overs, anyone look into if the new Reputation systems have a method of being re-selected or even reset???
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