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The biggest advantage the KDF have in comparison to the feds are:-
Better turnrate - This essentially makes their cruisers far far better tanks.

Cloaking device - This gives the KDF the advantage in when it comes to a first strike or surprise attack. In the case of battle cloak, it's really not all that difficult to cloak in the middle of combat as long as you have a brain.

Cruisers with the ability to equip cannons - Meaning they can actually have worthwhile DPS and have the turnrate to make use of it.

Power drains (plasmonic leech and power siphons) - Honestly this is probably the biggest issue with them at the moment.

B'rels - A while ago they weren't much of a problem, even slightly useless unless against a total noob... Then cryptic made tric mines dispersable and gave the KDF AMS, which benefited their battle cloaks and hit and run style far better then then any benefit it gave feds.

Garumba - Basically a fleet escort with a spinal lance.

Once way WAY back in season 1, these advantages were ever so *slightly* balanced out by the fact Klingons had slightly less hull and shields then their Federation comparatives. Then Cryptic changed the skill table some time around season 1.2 and due to an oversight KDF ships now generally have the same hull and shields.

As someone who has 3 KDF toons, I am more then well aware how easy us KDF players have it.

Of course now the Feds are getting the Vesta... Even with the Danube nerf (which I suspect doesn't nerf them anywhere as much as they need to be) I suspect this ship will be monstrously overpowered. Being someone who likes to fight fair (no P2W consoles or SNB doffs), I can't see me buying it.

Oh one last advantage KDF players have over Feds in FvK:-
Calibre of player - The majority of good fed players know full well how unbalanced KDF players are, so stick to the FvF queues. Those that do queue for FvK tend to be new players who don't even know about tactical team, try to be DPS dealers in cruisers (even star cruisers) and think jam sensors make them immune.
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