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Originally Posted by rdm1958 View Post
i do not consider myself an expert, but imho, you are better off with maco, borg or omega over fleet. mk xII would be best. i even think the aegis set is better overall than fleet.

with season 7 coming who knows what will shake out. we all know the 3 piece borg/maco set up has been nerfed. i am going into s7 with "pure" sets, no mixing, until i see how it is all working. mostly borg and maco 12
Ah my fleet mate, I have been using space fleet gear for quite some time on my Fed:Tac. I have spent over a half a million FC's on gear testing on my FPE for PVE/Fleets and I like them together much better than any set so far with the exception of the Omega space set when used with the tetryons even though it is a bit squishy, the set procs are nice. I only wish we were online ATM so I could give specifics on which pieces I have.

I have tested the space fleet gear vs. STF/Aegis sets using the log parser on every single mission I run and I get better performance (dps and survivability/healing) with fleet gear. I have also tested fleet AP space weapons ([Acc] and [CrtH] varieties) and get much better dps than the [borg]MkXII with the Fleet AP [Acc] in both STFs and Fleet runs.

Results could be different for all of us I guess depending on character traits/skills/powers we run with but as for me, the fleet gear purchased was well worth the cost with one caveat and irritation: with all the dilithium and FCs invested in fleet gear, you'd think there would be unique visuals but there isn't. I would hope this changes but I am not optimistic.

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