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11-13-2012, 08:09 AM
Hello Again Everyone!

Our fleet is Ship Based RP with a fun use of a skill based system (which is awarded with experience by mission to mission!) and though each ship is unique and on their own show type event...each show is conntected by a fleet arc!

We now also have our own fleetbase, Starbase 220 - Under the command of Rear Admiral Brian Donaldson!

So please if you love Star Trek and love to rp come have some fun with us!

Events run 3-4 hours and ships we currently have and the time slots...

=^= USS Endeavour - NCC-97004 / Odyssey-class / C.O. - Captian Vree : TBD EST

=^= USS Ayanami - NCC-99777 / Thunderchild-class / C.O.- Cpt. Nyoko Honda : Tuesdays 8 PM EST

=^= USS Adagio - NCC-99691-A / Galaxy-class / C.O. - Cpt. PhellTalia Zh'Kor : Saturdays 9:30 PM EST

=^= USS Sentinel - NCC-93014 / Defiant-class / C.O. - Cmdr. Joyaus Dalun : Sundays 7 PM EST

We are located at this Linkie! :

Along with that is our thread for character transfer requests! There is a thread to explain the process in which to join the 22nd's rp! Its not as daunting as it looks, we are pretty fun bunch!

Transfer Requests to the 22nd Mobile Fleet Daedalus Linkie! :

We have some updated notices to announce, number one being the USS Ayanami is in flux as her time will be shifting to Tuesdays at 8 EST and is looking for some new folks. Also the USS Endeavour is likewise looking for some people to help fill her ranks and her time may also be shifting for a Saturday afternoon slot.

Both ships have excellent rpers aboard and are looking to fill some key roles in their department head positions. So feel free to sign up and have some fun exploring and keeping the Federation safe!

Hope to see you all soon!