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Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
They're increasing the net amount of dilithium you can get per character in a couple of hours and clearly marking where to get it in S7.

The only way you lose out is if you used alts to acquire dilithium.

But I think the net goal if actually people refining more dilithium per day and that the shifts are actually to try to get people to do Fleet Actions over other types of content rather than actually dilithium starving people.

The long-run direction the dilithium economy hinges in S7 depends on three things (everything else is fairly short-run):

1) Do heavy economic participants lose out by not having frontloaded dilithium on lots of alts?

2) Do players bother with Foundry with a mission length requirement and pursue Fleet Actions? Do they bother with ESTFs?

3) Is having purple DOffs worth paying an upgrinding fee?

The first is an economic referendum on the value of economic changes from a system that makes alts advantagous to one that eliminates most of the economic advantage for alts.

The second and third are a question of whether high quality DOffs, lengthy Foundry missions, ESTFs, and Fleet Actions are "worth it." The net result could be players rejecting all four.
1. With the change to the Foundry my alts will likely no longer be used.

2. The change to STF's is enough to stop me from bothering with them. I did them with the rest of my fleet as fleet events primarily, but secondly did them for the dilithium. If the dilithium reward is gone, then I will stop doing STFs.

3. I will NOT be paying the upgrinding fee. The doff system was one of my favorite parts of the game. I am not happy about this new dilithium sink. With Star Bases requiring hundreds of thousands of dilithium to complete projects that was a sufficient enough sink for me. I will not be putting my dilithium any where I didn't put it before this new season.

This is one player that will likely reject all four.

If I do not find a new way to access dilithium that isn't hours of grinding, then this game will have stopped being fun for me, and I will find a new place to play.