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11-13-2012, 08:25 AM
Glad I cashed out most of my gear. I kept all my EDC b/c I could not justify 10/1000 dilithium so I thought I'd roll the dice on those. I did convert some into a dozen borg engines for the energy credit when selling them off. But the EDC turn out to be the bulk of my points. However I am ticked that RBS and PBS carry the same weight. Even in the dilithium conversion they were on the same tier as the tech equivalent they matched.

So looks like I am tier 9 from what I recall I left in the bank last night.

Now comes the flood of posts from people ticked off they are being ripped off even though they did have some warning.

Thanks for all the math work. As Malibu Stacey said on the Simpsons, "Math is hard".