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just something to think about:

The Dilithium cost associated with Reassignments has been increased:

White to Green: Now 500 Dilithium
Green to Blue: Now 2500 Dilithium
Blue to Purple: Now 5000 Dilithium

The "General Recruitment" assignment available on both faction Academy zones has been altered:

Duration increased from 20 hours to 48 hours.
The cooldown is unchanged.
An input cost of 1000 Dilithium has been added.
lets assume we go that laid out "convenient" route all the way.

5 Blue to 1 Purple = 5000 Dilithium
25 Green to 5 Blue = 12500 Dilithium
125 White to 25 Green = 12500 Dilithium
125 White by General Recruitment Packs = 25000 Dilithium

= 55000 Dilithium
/ 160 (current Dilithium Exchange rate +1 or +2 points)
= 343 Zen

now we know what it would cost us,
but how long would it take?

The General Recruitment Pack had its duration changed from 20 to 48 hours
cooldown is unchanged,

nice of Cryptic not to tell us the Cooldown in the Patchnotes,
but i already got that one anyway, it is a 48 hour cooldown!


48hrs duration + 48hrs cooldown = 96hrs = 4 days of waiting until you can start the next pickup.

if you want 125 White DOffs for that one Purple DOff you need to wait a total of 2400 HOURS = 100 Days !!!

= 3 and a half Purple DOffs per YEAR if you take this Route.

oh and... don't forget, the upgrinder will probably give you another purple Bartender that you will just want to downgrade to 3 Blue again which throws the whole calculation off again.

Disclaimer: this ignores any free ways that are still available like the Cultural Exchange or Junior Officer Cadres to get white DOffs (it is probably more like 6 or 7 Purple DOffs per Year if you do those too).

The problem with those Assignments is that they eat up a lot of DOff Assignment Slots for a long time and effectively block you from playing efficiently.
The General Recruitment pack was nice because it had 5 white DOffs but only blocked ONE assignment Slot.

Final thoughts / my Conclusion:

If you want to pay you can use the C-Store for DOff Packs instead and get faster what you want to have with $, higher Chances at good DOffs included.
If you want free DOffs you need to actually play the DOff System like it was intended and you can go to the DOFFJOBS / DOFFCALLS chat channels to get help and infos, but anybody slightly interested already knows that anyway...

The real Reason why the General Recruitment Pack was introduced in the first place was to get Players started playing the DOff System, an easy convenient way to get some more low level DOffs and a secure way to upgrade them, without paying and without doing lots of research on this rather complicated System.

This Assignment was designed to get the CASUAL F2P Player hooked on it.
I do not believe that in its new form it can still fulfill that goal.

Not with a week long duration and not with the new Paygate.

And finally, we only need those crappy white DOffs for the Starbase UI grind anyway.
Since Season 6 DOffs no longer feel like they are my Ships CREW
they feel like a commodity that is required in high amounts.
This is not my Ships Crew, those People are just Passengers now.

I'm a Space Taxi Driver now!

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