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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
It might be possible, but only if the KDF get something out of it. They were trading partners with the Romulans after all, even though they couldn't stand them.

If we go by the Breen FE's, the KDF think something similar of the Breen. They're ruthless and pragmatic, yes, but they have no honor... not to mention our officers were surprised any Breen was capable of reason.

On it's own, it's unlikely. If there's something to be gained (like cold weaponry and tech), then it'd be much more understandable Though I admit, I don't see what the Breen would gain from this, or even if they'd agree... we did stop them cold from getting Preserver tech (pun intended).
I always did like that Breen cruiser, paired with the Klingons loathing of humans the Breen would make a great ally.
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