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11-13-2012, 09:53 AM
Well i dont believe its manipulated , but at the same time it can be ...

The real problem is that u dont see the entire sell and buy orders , PWE shows u only what the want you to see .

I have tried to help my friend get some zen so i told him to put 100 zen for sale at 500 dilitium per zen , when i went to the exchange i could not find the listing .
On the same note u can see the buy orders that are already there .

I conclusion the only reaso they would want that is to have room to artificially intervene , i played other PWE games and they have full trasnparecy , you can even make a low buy order and give the transaction number to a friend and he can sell u zen to fill your order specificaly .
Transparency will make it better for this game , and players will find ways to help each-other .