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Originally Posted by psycoticvulcan View Post
Technically Feds can fight the Fek'Ihri in the "No Win Scenario" mission.[/nitpick]

I agree with removing the clickies - as much as I use them to help my fleet - because now the real missions will get a bit more attention. And the "Hot" filter will be pure again!

As for nerfing B'Tran, I don't think that was a good idea because now Gamma Orionis is just another sector block. Nothing special about it at all.

Grind/accolade missions I'm fine with. Some players don't care about story and that's okay.
I agree with you 100%

Clickies were bad and I felt dirty doing them, over and over and over..

Nerfing B'tran BAD. I was running missions over and over again in the B'tran sector, now......I'll probably never go there. EVER More wasted game space.

You see, I never had a problem do THESE missions over and over again, because they featured actual valuable REWARDS for my time. UNLIKE the ridiculous way the STFs were handled with those mythical drop rates and need ninja's and all.

I'm also not in favor of reducing ANY dilithium source at this stage, whether it be exploit or not, while at the same time increasing the need for dilithium on the other end.

That's just screw turning and I will guarantee you it was NOT done to preserve the sanctity and integrity of the game. It was done to increase revenue via zen purchases. Plain and simple. Don't fool yourself.

With all the bugs that sit in this game, some since launch, that NEVER get addressed, all of a sudden it's, Let's clean up the "exploits".... give me a break. It was merely an opportunity to increase revenue and THAT'S the only principle motivation behind every action now.

I've never been bothered by the grind accolade missions, in fact I'd criticize Cryptic sharply if the were to take them out, since they turn around and released the no win scenario mission. Wouldn't that be just a bit hypocritical?
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