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11-13-2012, 08:56 AM
This is just conjecture on the build as I have not seen it or flown it only read what is available.

Just off the top of my head - servers not up yet so my personal preference is the Science as I have always played support / CC /Healer Both in space and ground.

Science Captain / Science Variant

Weapons fore

Aux Cannons
Mk XII fleet phaser array
Mk Xii fleet Plasma Torp

Weapons Aft
Mk XII fleet Tricobolt Mine / Transphasic Mine Cluster
Mk XII fleet phaser Array
Mk XII fleet phaser Array

Shields Borg Mk XI
Deflector Borg Mk XI
Engine Borg Mk XI

From memory my Doffs are
- these are all purple
Reduced time on BO abilities'
remove boarding parties with transfer shield strength
added DE buff with tractor beams
reduced cool down on sub targeting
Gravity well chance to create additional anomalies.

Abilities I use all the time no matter what ship I'm in

Hazard Emitters
Transfer shield strength
Tactical team
Torp spread
Gravity well
Tykens Rift
Tractor Beam
Science Team
Emergency power to shields
Reverse Shield Polarity

By switching out certain BOffs I can add other abilities to the fray
- Tractor beam repulsors
- Energy Siphon

I have always played my toon as a "science captain" not as a tactical or engineer variant. I like the abilities and this build has served me quite well. and I rarely die in elite- stf's with the odd exception I'm focusing too much on the target and not myself

Before criticizing this build or any flaming whatsoever please try to remember Im treating the vesta at this point like most other science ships I fly and will likely be tweaked.

Any input will be greatly appreciated.
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