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Originally Posted by hrisvalar View Post
Nowhere in the patchnotes does it say that. There's more sources of dilithium, yes, but the rate at which you gain from those sources is lower than before, and there's no mention of a refining cap increase, so I'm unsure what you think you're saying. When you're talking about a timebased currency, and that term's their own invention, having to spend more time to get the same amount of currency constitutes a nerf, no matter how often you do the big-eyed-lip-quiver routine and stutter "But there's other ways to get it now!".
You can do a Fleet Action in ten minutes and get 900+ dilithium. Awards are now for participation in three participation tiers.

A bit early, maybe, but consider it a prediction, cause I'd be amazed if the outcome were any different:

1) Yes. Anyone who had and continues to have a vested interested in collecting a great deal of dilithium is going to take a loss if they *gasp* take a loss. It might not make a big dent for the ones who convert it to Zen, as with scarcer dilithium the exchange rate for Zen is likely to drop a long way toward normalizing their Zen income, but those who need the dilithium and only the dilithium, either cause they're in a big rush to gear out characters or they're building a small fleet/solo fleet starbase, are going to feel the strain.
People who had one alt will have increased opportunity with Fleet Actions. However, less frontloading and costs associated with getting DOffs (think of how many free DOffs alts allowed before there was a cost) discourages having farming alts, which devalues alts. If I play Fleet Actions, I'll be getting the same amount of dilithium per day as I got before but it discourages using alts to maximize it.

2) No or Not Enough With Issues. I don't think the mystery box is going to be of much interest to people who weren't inclined to play the spotlights already anyway, if the contents are as projected. There'll be a very small increase there. Same for the Fleet Actions. I always rather liked the (space) fleet actions, so I'm getting a little extra incentive to want to do them, but people who don't like them probably aren't going to be doing them that much more often. Though the difference there will be bigger, cause a little bit of garanteed dilithium beats what's in the mystery box every day. Problem there, though... garanteed dilithium. Idlers. And a lot of them. It's a lot safer to idle in a relatively anonymous environment like a fleet action or a warzone (see these a lot) than it is in a 5-man grouped instance, so we may need a lower tier of rewards for those, that affords no dilithium. Of course, that means, once the idlers catch on, and stay away, some unlucky science officers in science vessels who came in last will feel they got screwed.

3) No. Even if dilithium had been made easier to get, it wouldn't be. Not with them being as they are. If they'd just adjust the upgrinder to let you pick the exact profession, or at the very least the department of the better-quality duty officer that's supposed to come from this, 5000 dilithium might've been worth a purple. You'd still have less choice and control than than you would picking up a 12,000 dilithium doff from Ferra, but at least you'd know you're not getting a bartender or refugee. As is, that slot machine's too expensive for me and, if what I hear ingame is any indication, almost everyone else.
And there's the issue: Choice. Cryptic is making economic referendums on old, paid-for content by trying to incentivize the things THEY want us to be doing. And putting a referendum on specific content makes the health of the game hinge on that content.