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Originally Posted by jumpingjs View Post
I want to be good at this game, and so do many other people
Which is better (for space)
Fleet set (Fleet engines etc)

My ship is the odyssey.

Notes Fleet "set" does not have those additional set bonuses, like Heavy Graviton beam. So which do I get / keep?
MACO easily

More particularly the following:-
Borg deflector
Borg engines
MACO shield

The MACO shield is the best for feds, with the Borg 2-piece set giving you a hull heal proc.

Or perhaps (not so sure about this one):-
MACO deflector
Elite Fleet Hyper or combat impulse engines
MACO shield

The MACO 2-piece will decrease cooldowns slightly and up power transfer rates. The elite (not advanced) fleet impulse engines will give bonus power to certain subsystems.

Either way you don't want to go 3-piece MACO set, since the 3-piece set bonus is pretty poor and the engines aren't all that remarkable.
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