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Some of us here are famous or infamous in the eyes of the devs for all our posting. For a bit of fun, devs should rank us forum posters by how much they recognize us, love us or hate us. Ok, obviously they arent going to come out and say HOW the feel about us, but just a numbered list of forum posters they think of off the top of their head that are on their radar for whatever reason. This is a dev rating game only, posters cant rate others.
You know, call me either psychic, or psychotic, but even though I never visited Cryptic in person, my spidey sense tells me they have a "wall o shame" somewhere in that office and a few of my frank observations have been on it.

I'm seriously hoping the team makes it down to my neck of the woods on the East Coast for a convention someday. I'd love to meet the team in person.

As the Joker once said: "Winged freak? Wait till they get a load outa me ...." I kid, I kid
But I would love to meet the team never the less, even if they ask me my forum handle and then promptly move to another table.

You know guys, the East coast is lovely during the Christmas season and Boston is one hell of a city. We'd treat you right, at least in person that is
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(In regards to STO Delta Rising): "Where a fun casual game once sat proudly, a horrible grind fest now stands. All this expansion has made me want to do, is log in less."

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