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The foundry designers believe that the change is a good thing as it will get their missions played more. Do not bet on it. There a couple of problems that I find with the foundry missions. I think the search is useless. There should be some method for tagging the missions that can be searched, ground, space, race of enemy, sector. Next there is little reward outside the daily officer reports. So it only rewards playing the shortest mission possible. If there is now a method of creating an end mission reward then it could be worth it. I think some control of the rewards based on what is encountered and how difficult it was to resolve. Last I think the Foundry itself is a poor tool. Considering the number of maps used in the game the number available for missions is pitiful. There is no way to design your own interior map. If you want a simple office the player goes to to start the mission you are out of luck. All that was done was to make it harder to get dil not improve the Foundry in any way.
Frankly I agree. There will be little to no improvement to player counts in S7.
Oh, lovely, I can't even requote the Douglas Adams quote I used to have here I WANT IT BACK!!!!
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