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11-13-2012, 09:15 AM
I would like to add that the male facial creation system needs work, the female creation system is so much more better then the male one.

new hair styles would be cool too.

it would also be nice if every chair couch or stool in the entire game were up for use.

also it would be cool to see a civilian class that hangs out in bars who can give a buff for being in the bar, for example deep space nine quark's bar it would give players a reason to go there and hang out making it a busy place to meet new friends.

or they could just give out political immunity and minor experience buff.

it would aslo be nice to use the consols on player ships, and have a holodeck added in a later game upgrade, where you can go on missions inside our own ship's holodeck, that relate to saving the ship from invaders like the borg.

I would also like to see POB ( player operated bases) starships, where the captain of course is the controller of the ship, and other players can come aboard and man the stations and take the ship into battle or on missions.

the other players take over the roles of the bridge crew, each having hud controlling one of the ships finctions, for example the tactical officer would control weapons and shilds, the captain would fly the ship, the science officer would control science related stuff and the engineer would have an option to help keep the ship together, the helm officer would target and use debuffs.

all from the bridge of the ship in bridge commander like style so you looking at the view screen and seeing the combat take place, but the captain would be able to switch views he would also have a hud a smaller screen showing the exterior view to pilot from from within the ship.

also the klingon needs some more story line something about him achieving honer and greatness and warring against other houses in the klingon empire.

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