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I am sympathetic with the OP. I am one of those (most likely the same as the OP) that fly with my mouse and fire my abilities with my hotkeys.(I even have F1-F10 mapped to the second row for easy access). If you map your BO abilities to your hotkeys you do run out when your reach Vice Admiral.

Here are some tips:

Move your QSS, Transwarps, Fireworks and any not essential abilities to the 4th bar and go to it when you need it. (This includes worthless abilities like: Abandon Ship, Ramming Speed and Fleet Support.) Remove your weapons from your main bars, they have their own window, use it.

I hope this helps.

PS: Here is my setup on a Tac/Escort build:
In your screen you have your Officer Tray above your Ship Tray. How do you move those elements around. I'm new to STO, only 1 week in, I have just got the Galaxy Cruiser, and my officers abilities are stacked and unusable. They over lap my ship abilities. I play at 1680x1050 too. I've searched the Wiki, google, and these forums and find nothing. Your screen shot verifies it is possible. I can't start my own thread as the red text above says I can only post.