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11-13-2012, 09:22 AM
i don't know if the ds9 worm hole really works, it did nothing when i went through it, but i think they could use the transwarp system to make it go to the gamma qaudrant and bring the founders the jem hadar and the vorta into the next game upgrade on a much more larger scale and have a senaerio where the dominion is comming through the worm hole and attacking ds9, npc's beam aboard the station in the second phase of the attack and players must defend the station by ship and ground, they could do this for klingons and cardssaians as well.

one of the things they could do is knock out the power of the station placing the station in near darkness making it harder to see, making it a priority to get the power systems up and running to save the station and get the shields working again and a polaron weapon to close the wormhole.

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