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11-13-2012, 10:22 AM
Just yesterday I created a video recording on how to play an stf mission, only to find out just now, Everything is changing!?!?!

Ok I like the idea of new romulus and all that, it sounds fun!

One thought, having an Ambassador spot for your fleet on the new Romulus, is a great idea, yet One thing I would suggest is that those of us whom don't have a fleet (cause we don't want to be in one), yet have acquired 100,000 diplomatic xp, should be allowed the same as well. It shouldn't be just for the fleets. For why give us the title of Ambassador yet not be apart of the new romulus thing?

Also, the rewards changing. I understand precisely how good this might be (we shall see), for I have done MANY stf missions to get rare borg salvage, do alot of work in a mission, only to have somebody else who chose "greed", get it!!!

(For all missions I only choose "need" on rare borg salvage, and choose "pass" to be fair).

Oh also, I do tend to agree , that for those of us working hard on stf boring same old missions again and again, not be able to unlock our rewards that we ALREADY EARNED, untill we once again play HOURS of game to reach tier 5 ????, is sad.

All in all, Since I have yet to play season 7 (soon though---looks at clock---), I am leaving an open mind and hope for the best with these changes.

Only Now , after months of playing, have I begun to really understand how to play the game best for me, only to have it all change?.

I do LOVE the new space idea, and new Romulus, thats real cool!

A suggestion: does this mean we will be able to choose to be a Romulan during character creation? If not, hopefully that shall be soon!

I have grown to become a star trek fan, due to this game. I just hope this new Season 7, keeps me interested.

God Bless the creators though of this game, and indeed God Bless you all.

Live Long And Prosper.