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Originally Posted by hrisvalar View Post
Problem there, though... garanteed dilithium. Idlers. And a lot of them. It's a lot safer to idle in a relatively anonymous environment like a fleet action or a warzone (see these a lot) than it is in a 5-man grouped instance, so we may need a lower tier of rewards for those, that affords no dilithium. Of course, that means, once the idlers catch on, and stay away, some unlucky science officers in science vessels who came in last will feel they got screwed.
No we dont. Idlers are not a problem in fleet actions. Particularly on the space ones you don't necessarily need any help if your ship is good, and the reward structure is such that they're in fact competitive. I know I would've preferred to run some of them solo (or with a bunch of idlers) when going for the 1st place accolades. 1st place is going to give two purple items in S7...more idlers, less competition. And better they idle in fleet actions than STFs where every player is actually needed.