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Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
Organized PvP Channel

This channel has aged so much that now not only the creator of the channel is long gone, but the last admin, Aytanhi is also gone with no desire to return is what I understand from other TSI members.

In the interest of maintaining the channel, and keeping it clean, we need new moderators since we cannot get new admins.

I am not sure if admins can appoint moderators. However, even the last moderators Sivar and Minimax are now either inactive most of the time due to other life obligations or have left to play other games.

I kindly ask to consider the following recommendations for moderator status on the following people:

Hank of Turkish RP Heroes - Inner Circle
Kedric of S.O.B.
Thales of Show Me Your Critz
Sibok of X-Treme - TSI
Hilbert of TSI
Pug of Federation Emergency Services
Anathosion of Sad Pandas
Illusion of ISC
Yoda - Turkish RP Heroes - Devils Rejects
Gallileos - 106th

These guys have demonstrated on most occasions an impartial attitude towards all. Although I have not discussed it with them personally, I think they would be the best candidates based on the aforementioned most important fact about being impartial. Also, their active status, and their time zones of activity also attributes my nomination. All of these guys are part of a PvP fleet, and have extensive relationships with other PvP fleets.

If we can get Aytanhi on the horn to make this possible, it would be in the best interest to sustain what's left of a PvP community.

If not, I can see the creation of a new channel in the near foreseeable future.
You want to replace inactive TSI members, with more TSI members?

It's an interesting idea, but I don't think the OPVP needs new Mods/Admins. PvPers in general are smarter then the vast majority of the STO playerbase. They're smart enough to know that if they screw up to such a major extent, then it stays with them, there are only so many people in the community, only so many fleets with a PVP element and only so many channels/TS's they can be in. Once they burn the bridges then it's very hard to rebuild them. PVP is just too small a community.

All that said, it can get heated, certain fleets break match rules, certain fleets who pride themselves on certain aspects then disregard them etc etc. You can't expect to be friendly with everyone! But does it really need moderation? I don't think so. It IS Player Vs Player after all, that in itself is naturally going to spark confrontation of one sort or another. Besides, our choices are either Mods from fleets, who aren't immune to favoritism, or asking Alecto or one of his ilk to watch it. And as his Events channel is a red-taped hell hole, i'd rather not think about that line lol.

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