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Originally Posted by pvehero View Post

If the best team wins, it's fair... with a few exceptions:

1. Pay2Win. If the cost of very powerful items exceed what the general player can afford, the game will become pay2win, and not fair.
Definitely after S7 is deployed. Cryptic taking away dilithium maps, adding scarce new ones mostly for fleet actions, not upping the 8K daily cap, and reducing current dil rewards on the maps they didn't remove it from. This is "making" you buy Zen.

Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
- EC P2W. Items that can be bought in the EC exchange at extreme prices. (=Bug ship, SNB doffs, etc.)
- Time P2W. "You may earn this throug gameplay" is not a valid excuse if the time it takes is too long. Time is money, and spending a lot of time in game equals spending a lot of money. Applies to anything costing Dili or EC.
So they force you to "pay quickly". They make it take so long to achieve anything in the game that you simply buckle down and purchase the needed resources with real money. They have also increased the rate of releasing Cstore/lockbox items so even if you intend to get everything for "free" in the game without using real life money, your wish list length is increasing faster than you can remove the items.

Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
- Zen P2W. Items that cost a lot to buy in the Z-store. (= lockbox ships, etc.).
- Hardware P2W. If the game rewards having exceptionally good harware, or if you have shorter response time by living closer to the server etc. (=: Solar Wind map, etc.)

Ofc, this is all graded... you should be expected to spend a certain amount of money and time in game, but somewhere the line of what can reasonably be expected is crossed.

2. If the best team is gimping itself. And yes, there are valid reasons for doing this. If you are certain that a part of the game is ruining the gameplay and/or fun, you can abstain from using it. This helps make the game better, but may result in unfair matches. (examples are siphon drones and broken TBR).

3. Cheats or hax. Need I say more?

In general, if one team feels the cost of some advantages is too high, and if this feeling is justified, the game will be unfair. The cost may be in money, time or gameplay/fun. How much of each of these are you willing to sacrifice to be competitive?

In a fair game, that is not broken, the majority of dedicated pvp players will afford to be competitive, they will have sufficient time to be competittive, and they will be able to use all available options without ruining their own fun, or the fun of a equally skilled team.

Where in this does STO fail? A matter of opinion...
Always going to be a matter of opinion, but if you are stick to moral/ethical explanations according to societal standards, then it is many failures in everything you have mentioned.
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