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Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
You want to replace inactive TSI members, with more TSI members?

It's an interesting idea, but I don't think the OPVP needs new Mods/Admins. PvPers in general are smarter then the vast majority of the STO playerbase. They're smart enough to know that if they screw up to such a major extent, then it stays with them, there are only so many people in the community, only so many fleets with a PVP element and only so many channels/TS's they can be in. Once they burn the bridges then it's very hard to rebuild them. PVP is just too small a community.

All that said, it can get heated, certain fleets break match rules, certain fleets who pride themselves on certain aspects then disregard them etc etc. You can't expect to be friendly with everyone! But does it really need moderation? I don't think so. It IS Player Vs Player after all, that in itself is naturally going to spark confrontation of one sort or another. Besides, our choices are either Mods from fleets, who aren't immune to favoritism, or asking Alecto or one of his ilk to watch it. And as his Events channel is a red-taped hell hole, i'd rather not think about that line lol.

EliteSTF - 'nuff said,


its simple, if u act like a douche u will be treated in such a way too

no, dont give any powers to certain induviduals

ive seen a lot of bitchin and maybe i add some too

but givin powers to different induviduals from different fleets that's gunna be funny

"Sad Panda member : hey u guy from 106th ure an ass!"

"guy from 106th fleet : w000t? ima ban ure ass!"

"other Sad Panda member : if u ban his ass ima ban ure ass!"

sorry for the examples being made (Sad Panda's/106th fleet )

but ull catch my drift

that would be asking for more trouble imo

and the term : we are all adults is far gone some times