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Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
I'll add onto that

NoobPvPer: Hey is this the channel for PvPers?
Troll: shut up nub

Troll: shut up nub

NoobPvPer: Can someone answer my question?
Troll: shut up nub

NoobPvPer:please stop trolling me.
Troll: shut up nub

NoobPvPer:argh screw this...
Troll: shut up nub

Good luck dealing with this. That noob can be the next Yoda, Thales, Aytanhi, MT, Era, Hank, etc. But guess what, he was poorly treated. So, his PvP development is curbed due to trolling in that channel.

Except that this almost never happens. Anyone who approaches OPVP with a genuine desire to learn, rather than calling hax on everyone, is usually treated with respect and ends up with a mentor or 2 to help them learn. Even when someone is calling hax, attempts are made to understand what went wrong for the player and provide solutions/feedback. Rarely, and I mean very rarely, does it degenerate into what you have described.

OPVP doesn't need moderators, that's what ignore buttons are for. We're [mostly] all adults in there. Previous attempts at this have just led to drama. Personally, I wish nobody had admin rights in that channel.
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