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Originally Posted by linyive View Post
Don't forget:
~ You can buy duty officers with fleet credits from the fleet base.
~ You can buy unwanted duty officers from the exchange for energy credits.
~ You can recruit new duty officers for free.

When it comes to the increase in dilithium prices, they only affect your ability to upgrade low quality to higher quality duty officers. If you have completed your duty officer projects for a specific skill, (diplomacy, science, military, etc...), you can buy specific duty officers for dilithium. Its always been that way. Plus, you no longer need to buy higher quality duty officers for projects.

Why I agree: Since Cryptic has exchanged specialization for department type, you will be able to buy duty officers with fleet credits to fulfill requirements. Congrats. You just won the lottery. Instead of obtaining your duty officers from the exchange, you can now go directly to your fleet store. Its that simple.

You no longer need to upgrade lower duty officers, so you can sell them for energy credits to buy specific types.

Exchange price gouging is now over.

Cryptic just got rid of the middle man.

um go read those part of the notes again

The "General Recruitment" assignment available on both faction Academy zones has been altered:
Duration increased from 20 hours to 48 hours.
The cooldown is unchanged.
An input cost of 1000 Dilithium has been added.

your free recruits are not free they cost 1000 dilithium