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Originally Posted by acgimblet72 View Post
Why all the hate on 2xRSP? Theyve let me run an RSP-BFI-RSP-BFI with essentially a full shield refresh every 2 minutes. Ive been playing in pugs, and getting focused by 3-4 people with no support from my teammates happens... constantly. I've not been doing a good job of surviving that without an RSP available.
RSP is a poor power in terms of opportunuty cost. There are better options with better uptimes and less selfish applications.

I was running TSS... but I fould the shield heal pretty minimal in the face of Angry Bug DPS. Either as a self heal, or another heal, even with full Aux... it just didnt seem to do enough healing to help. Id slap it on other people to try to save them, and didnt seem to make as much difference as a Tractor did to help keep attackers off arc. Active rather than passive mitigation.
For TSS to be effective you need to crack open an auxiliary battery before use, or switch settings to something with more auxiliary bias.

As for STFU and Lrn2Heal...
Who said that?
Though if a full negvar worth of heals wasn't keeping a target up under fire from 1 ship...
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