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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
The problem is that Engies should overwhelmingly be the superior healing/cleansing/maintenance class, and Scis should be average to mediocre at best. It should not be nearly as close or as debatable as it is right now.

I've said this before but the cross-pollination of heals from Engies to Scis was a big mistake from my perspective... TSS and to a lesser extent HE are the main culprits here. That said, in fairness to the devs I've no idea how you'd begin to go about changing that. Lots of ships simply could not survive in PvP without those Sci heals and cleanses.

Perhaps the game's total damage output could be toned down to compensate while Ensign Sci powers are made much more offensive, as they always should've been.
I think you've nailed it Shimmerless

Engineers have allways been the Mr. Fixit's in Star Trek and if any class should be the healers in space it should be the engineers. Why does science have the specialty in shield repair? It makes no sense. Science should apply nerfs to opponents and should be used to mitigate science nerfs on your own team. Basically science should be used to neutralize science.

Engineers should be the Kings of ship power and repair and they should be helpful to the rest of the team:

- Engineering fleet should be a short cooldown ability that increases hull and shield repair rates and buff heals and systems repairs for everyone on the team.
- Make more engineering captain powers castable on team members.
- Make it so the power transfer ability breaks the 125 power cap.

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