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11-13-2012, 10:36 AM
With the actual System you can do only damge if you are closer then 5 km... 180 Damage per Shot @ 10 km and 600 Damage per Shot @ 1 km...

At 1km you should be doing 100% of your possible damage with no drop-off for range. You state 600 damage per shot.
At 10km you should be doing 65% of your maximum damage. So at 10km you should be seeing roughly 350+ damage instead of 180.

180 DAMAGE PER SHOT makes it sound as if your beams are behaving as Cannons instead as they lose damage over range.

Cannons do 100% damage at 2km and at 10km they are suppossed to be doing 35% of maximum. So a cannon doing 600 points at 2km would do around 180 at 10km.

If you numbers are correct then it seems that beams may be bugged and are using the wrong depreciation of damage over range. Such a bug would greatly affect how Beams appear to be effective in combat and may be what is at the core of why Cruisers/Beam users seem to be weaker than they where before now.

Beams are meant to do more damage than cannons at longer ranges as part of the inherent stats they posses. If they are not then that is a error.

Beams = 100% damage at 1km / 65% damage at 10km. Depreciation is 4% per km starting at 2km.
Cannons = 100% damage at 2km / 35% damage at 10km. Depreciation is 8% per km starting at 3km.
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