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11-13-2012, 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by tfomega View Post
Always going to be a matter of opinion, but if you are stick to moral/ethical explanations according to societal standards, then it is many failures in everything you have mentioned.
Nope, not failuers in my statement. Failures in STO, maybe. Inconsistencies in where players draw the line, definately, but my statement is true. What I said can be shortened to two sentences:

- If the game contains elements that ruin gameplay when used, it can not be a fair game.
- If the cost of getting the equipment needed to be competitive is too high, it can not be a fair game.

Now where the lines are drawn, I'll not take upon myself to judge. How disturbing to gameplay is too disturbing? What cost is too high? (money/time) I'm not saying. I'm just laying out the formula.