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11-13-2012, 10:42 AM
I only have a Federation Character and yes my Odyssey Tactical Cruiser is still a work in progress. i however enjoy flying alongside KDF players in STF. yes your ships arent as strong but you have modified your playing style to suit. I am not one of these people who will whine my ship isnt good enough or i dont have enough fire power. As i said my Ship is a work in progress.

But i never complain about lousy DPS. hell when i go into STF its actually good fun to see how much firepower a KDF ship has.

and if im one of those cruisers who you are refering to, ill say this. I dont want a cloaking device. why do i need one. a ship the size of an Odyssey Cruiser would put out so much energy signatures that a cloak would be pointless.