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11-13-2012, 10:48 AM
Originally Posted by neos472 View Post
klinks get the MACO gear as well just like feds getting the HG stuff. also i like the new optionals they require more creative thinking than just shoot everything that moves.
Played some of the new STF on Tribble over the last week-I must agree, the new optionals were well done-and it was interesting to see the Borg actually using the same sci powers the players use, rather than just sitting there spamming death-peas and invisible torpedoes with the same two abilities they ALWAYS use.

Downside, of course, was that the AI must hate me personally, My tac has zero spec in Threat Control, so why do the cubes target ME in my BoP over the Fed hitting them with CRF...

when I haven't fired a shot yet and JUST NOW decloaked?

Someone made the AI a hell of a lot brighter than it least, on Tribble...and this is a good thing, honest.