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Appreciate input! I offer the below to give my reasons for some of the odd choices, not to tell anyone that they are wrong and I am right.

Im running 3 DOFFs for EPTX, and 2 for Brace for Impact Looked at an Aux2Batt build, but the extra clicking was alot to handle.

Why all the hate on 2xRSP? Theyve let me run an RSP-BFI-RSP-BFI with essentially a full shield refresh every 2 minutes. Ive been playing in pugs, and getting focused by 3-4 people with no support from my teammates happens... constantly. I've not been doing a good job of surviving that without an RSP available.
Well running 2 of these makes you not much use to the group for healing either, you can run ET3 instead of RSP 2, even though you are running 2x TT you don't always need to keep TT up when not being focused on so you can pop ET3 on a team mate or yourself for the huge hull heal as needed, especially when RSP is up you dont need to worry about shields so much so fix yours or someone elses hull. Also being eng you get rotate shield freq as your extra shield heal, shouldn't need 2 rsp. I use 1 RSP on my tac in a Fleet Vorcha myself and don't die often, although I think the ET3 I have instead helps me survive more.

I was running TSS... but I fould the shield heal pretty minimal in the face of Angry Bug DPS. Either as a self heal, or another heal, even with full Aux... it just didnt seem to do enough healing to help. Id slap it on other people to try to save them, and didnt seem to make as much difference as a Tractor did to help keep attackers off arc. Active rather than passive mitigation.
With your spec into EPS systems you are able to quickly shift power to aux to pop off all your aux based heals like TSS, Aux2SIF, hazard emitters then quickly shift back to weapons. As engineer you can also use EPS power transfer to make power shift even faster, also even if you don't shift to aux, the eps transfer ability gives a nice bonus to it.

I notice some people recommend major ranks in Energy Weapons Specialization... do you feel the extra crit and crit severity are worthwhile on an Enginner? Lacking all the free crit goodies they give the Tacticals, and given that Crit Chance and Crit Severity are multiplicative, it seems that Crit is either a 'go big or go home' sort of state... suggesting a Tactical Officer and Antipolarons.

I max this skill on my tac, I still put 3 points into it on my Eng because the first 3 points still give over half of the bonus that skill offers (+54) there isn't any other way to squeeze any more dps out of your character and you will still crit from time to time, why not crit a little more often and a little harder. It probably isn't worth putting too much into this as like you said only a tac takes full advantage of this skill, but you do have lots of points you can spend that you don't need elsewhere like grav, particle, and sensors so this would help you more then those skills anyway. Crits can also help you hold aggro easier in pve.

As for STFU and Lrn2Heal... I tried a healspec Neggy, and enjoyed it well enough... but I felt like the heals I contributed (even specced, running aux, etc.) didnt match up with the DPS that even a single good DPS ship would put out, and that I was contributing more by pressuring that DPSer, so that they couldnt spend their time merrily lining up people and one-pass-killing them.

You still are an eng, in a cruiser, yes its one with teeth, but it still has the ability to do support healing too, you have to be able to give out all those huge heals you have access too that your team doesn't have like Aux2SIF and ET3, especially since you don't need to use them on yourself as much as eng. You can be combination of support healing and dps in that ship

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