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11-13-2012, 10:52 AM
I use both too, Spread 3 for many many targets, and HY 2
I too use spread in conjunction with cannonspread, chew shields and fire away.

The choice of torpedo is more like a flavour since all torpedos heavily rely on kinetic damage.
Transphasic is a bit different but then again has longer reload times. Ive tried the rapidlaunch device too its neat.

But what I really like is the fat tricobalt, but you really have to be careful, HY tricobalt blast radius is even a bit over 2 kms, I usually fly up to a cube or something else to reduce flight time of that thing (my ship is a little bit faster than a HYII tricobalt) It still happens that I blow myself up

A well placed HY tri can easily achieve 60K damage and still has a huge explosion radius, very good if various shield facings of enemies are down. Tricobalt spread on targets that are more apart.

Another thing I use HY over spread is in shuttle. But there I use Plasma Torpedo with reman set to make it faster flying, you should try it the fat nuke is not that slow anymore.

And on a sidenote: Tricobalt Mines are even more devastating than torpedos, but I heavily suggest on using Spread Pattern Beta 3 for that. My record is 4x 200K damage with those babies (lots of dmg buffs active+crit)

For long time bombardments I suggest Photon torpedos, still the best DPS, and most likely even higher if you use HY 3 or Spread 3 + 3 purple or blue doffs with torpedo recharge.

Did anyone mention yet that you sometimes get free Heavy Yield procs out of those? Even my shuttle with Plasma sometimes shoots 2 or even 3 torpedos in short succession

So always keep an eye out for Projectile DOffs and assign them.