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11-13-2012, 11:17 AM
Alright, well, last night I was tired, excited, and...maybe...potentially...slightly, drunk, off my stockpile of Romulan Ale that we won't need for the SB Bartender anymore. So my head today is much more clear.

To start, my foundry mission, at the time, I don't think it actually published, now that I thought about it. And this was several months ago that I did it, so who knows.

True though, that my auto-completing idea probably wouldn't be very effective as an exploit.

I will say, I did and do use a few Foundry missions to help with kill accolades, which are pretty much just 'kill lots of dudes'. I'll be honest, some kill accolades are ANNOYING to get.

But not all of them are. I use the Fek'ihri as an example again. I did find a mission, about 45 minutes is how long it took me, about the Federation discovering the Fek'ihri, and your battle against them, etc. Another mission which is purely to get the Wicked accolade (kill 200 Fek'ihri ships) had somewhat of a story still. And a third one, was a ground mission where you killed Fek'ihri, with no story.

Or in short, all three examples do exist at least.

I suppose a good part of my post from earlier is rather moot at this point, because part of me was still rather annoyed at all the changes, even that tired and such, the fault was my own really.

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