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11-13-2012, 12:30 PM
You are completely right..The zen offers are complete scams...I have built computers for over 15 years and I have tried the zen offers 3 times and all of them got some sort of spyware,malware, and even got lead to a site that tried to drop a trojan on my computer. I reported it to PWE and Peanut Labs to be told i clicked on something that wasn't a offer of there's because they don't endorse that kind of stuff..Next step was i got mad of course...Went back to same offer on a different account and took screenshots this time of my Malware Program and Antivirus popping up alerts and then sent them to both so they could what happens when you click on the offer link..What surprised me was I still got told that was not there fault that happened and i clicked on something different even though the pics and video i took showed my mouse clicking on it...Anyway the point is anyone who reads this...Don't risk your computer and your data from being stolen or lost it is not worth it...And yes some have had success with the offers but honestly I think those are people who work for Peanut Labs or PWE because have never heard any good come out of them...
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