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11-13-2012, 12:35 PM
Originally Posted by tangolight View Post
You do realize that if they give out the exact criteria for what makes a mission count for the daily, you'll just have a bunch of people use that to make the shortest possible missions that still count for the daily and put those up?
They don't really need to tell us. It's likely that it will be figured out pretty quickly. So it really isn't helping to keep it hidden. It makes people think they're trying to pull a fast one and people get mad (even if there's nothing nefarious going on).

I'd like to know the criteria, not so that I can make the shortest mission possible, but so I can simply make sure my missions are acceptable. I'd be rather annoyed if I made a mission and it didn't meet the criteria. What do you do then? Start guessing at what's wrong with it. You could add extra enemies, way points, and conversations. And have no success. Perhaps all you're missing is 1 custom costume or something like that. Playing guessing games is not fun.