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Soon the courageous arrives in system

Cole: well lets see what is to be done shall we.
Darov: Very well.

*On the planet. Chester's Escape Pod landed in the middle of the Capital City. He and T'mar are outside armed with phaser rifles as a crowd of Denobulans approach. Soval walks out of the Escape pod and up to them.*

Soval: We barely have enough medical supplies for our own injured.

Chester: Are they in critical?

Soval: No. I believe they can wait for an evac.

T'mar: They're bringing people who are seriously hurt. I think there's an priority here.

Chester: Agreed. But even so, we're not going to have enough to treat everyone. Ambassador, you were a Medical Officer during the Klingon-Federation War 100 years ago, right?

Soval: Indeed.

Chester: Alright, see if either Manelli or Daniels can walk and give them a phaser. T'mar, go see if you can find some supplies.

T'mar: Right.

Chester: I'll go back to the Pod and see if I can get the transmitter running.

*Soval and Chester walk back to the Escape Pod while T'mar starts headed east, toward the outskirts.*

*In orbit, the R.S.S. Fairborne and R.S.S. Crusader warp in. The two hospital ships take up positions and start beaming down relief teams.*

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