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11-13-2012, 01:21 PM
I like peanut Labs. But I don't know how to get Peanut Labs all the time. Since I connect from Europe it automatically gives me Sponsor Pay most of the time.

And Sponsorpay is worse I can tell you. 99% of the offers require you to put email adress and telephone number in. I set up an email just for that, and guess what.

Shortly after completing some of those offers, I receive mail on that mailaccount, but not from the company that let me do the survey. It was spam.

Since I knew about SponsorPays policy not paying out I always made screenshots of the "successful end" of a survey saying its done, or the validation pages after confirming a link from a verification email.

I wrote like 10 tickets after the suggested time to pay out, I made a standard sentence like "Verification email received, link clicked" and uploaded a screenshot of the email and the verification webpage.

I didn't receive an answer to those, and now my Sponsorpay account is banned. I got no message as to why it is banned, nor can I see my SponsorPay History and tickets anymore.

I just hope I can chose Peanut Labs again, already did a few things today when I luckily got it and made 250 Zen without giving any email adress or telephone. Just plain box clicking and some typing what you like about what product.

I would be glad if anyone could tell me how to get PeanutLabs instead of SponsorPay, cause PeanutLabs had german surveys in it too.

PM maybe, thanks

And good luck, use PeanutLabs