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11-13-2012, 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by roguetrooperz View Post
so seriously thinking of saving the EC up to get one which will tkae a few months but the question i have is, how good is it what do people think about it and is it worth the moeny time and effort?
I was lucky enough to get one on the 3rd Reinforcements Duty Officer Pack. Nice ship! I went through all the Jem' missions and got the Shield/Impulse/Deflector set. I think I'll go for the Phased Polaron set as well. It has only 1 Science slot (I recommend Shield reg console) but 5! Tac slots = weapon power!

I have it setup with standard Polaron DC's (any weapons in the game will work with it) in front and Polaron turrets on back and it rips the shields off of the NPC ships. It's great for STFs. I have not done PvP yet but I'm sure its great there too.

It relies on being fast (it's an escort not a cruiser) so don't try to tank with it.

If you have a few bucks, I would recommend giving it a try in the C-Store before the sale is over - just don't go crazy. You at least get some DOffs from it.