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11-13-2012, 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by chusha View Post
I would be willing to bet the patch servers are getting hit quite hard. My client is patching... trickling down the kilobits... at 95% now. Started patching at 3:05PM EST. Now its 3:47PM EST. Not too shabby for 1256.1mb.

Now if I were patching on my old dial up connection... I'd most likely end up at that padded cell at the local police station...

Give it time folks, not everything comes down at your ISP's advertised speeds.
Yeh they will be taking a right royal beating Its just annoying when we wanna play and its going so damn slow. Mine is closer to dial up and I'm old enough to remember Kbps speed and not Mbps Really wanted to play tonight (UK) wouldn't be too bad if it was in the day.

Playing DC online while I wait and I just patched 512mb in 4 minutes