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# 1 Upset with S7
11-13-2012, 01:38 PM
For those who are upset with Season 7, I can only tell you this: You are not alone.

There's very little that can be done about it, because as long as Cryptic / PW make money on people dishing out cash for zen, there'll be little to no effect. IF however you would like to make a difference, you can.

No longer paying for any aspect of the game is the way to get the companies attention. Cancel your monthly gold membership, do not buy zen, and do not -use- the zen you have in game.

Zen, in game, is a by-product (whether we like it or not) of PW collecting on real life money made in one form or another. We stop giving them money, the company as a whole -will- look at what happened, and what made players stop giving them money to fix the error.

This is the hardest thing for some players (myself included as I have set aside roughly $50 / paycheck for my online gaming fun, which has primarily been STO only since I started playing). This is not impossible. This can be done if you want to see -change-, but only if you want to see change. If you like all aspect of S7, enjoy. Keep playing and paying if you like.

Personally, I'm very upset with the how hard it will be to get Dilithium, and that they've made it near impossible to actually obtain Dilithium without having Zen to buy it from the Exchange. As such, while I will still play, until I can see some changes myself, I will -not- be using a dime of my hard earned money until I personally see some changes. I won't use any zen left in my account, and honestly if there aren't more ways to get dilithium reintroduced into the game, I will personally probably leave the game altogether.

On average for the past 6 months, I've been giving the company $115 / month. $15 for the gold membership sub, and $100 that I've been using to buy Zen. Cryptic / PW has basically told me that they no longer want the money from me by totally ignoring the playerbase with the dilithium nerfs, and honestly, if that's their opinion, I'll take my cash to another game (at this rate that has nothing to do with Cryptic / PW).

I leave this post (and will see who agrees with me and doesn't out of curiosity), but the only way anyone can get through to Cryptic / PW is with money, and if you stop paying, they will notice.