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20% shield resistence and 0 bleed from weapons for 12 seconds. no skills effect it, it simply does that. any ship can use it.

regardless of what branflakes said, in game my mkXII maco has a tool tip capacity of 4940, thats terrabad .7 mod for sure. not just a typo, its in game too.
LOL, I mean really? Yeah, this game sucks right now. It used to be great with lots of potential, now I just don't see anyway that they can balance PvP w/o upsetting all those that paid a lot of money for their toys. This is just more proof that cryptic QA sucks and they should have listened to us 2 years ago when we offered our assistance in that department.
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We actually really don't like A2B, but it's a bit of a "third rail" situation. When we have the right fix to it, someday, we'll probably possibly maybe make it.