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Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
Nope, not failuers in my statement. Failures in STO, maybe. Inconsistencies in where players draw the line, definately, but my statement is true. What I said can be shortened to two sentences:

- If the game contains elements that ruin gameplay when used, it can not be a fair game.
- If the cost of getting the equipment needed to be competitive is too high, it can not be a fair game.

Now where the lines are drawn, I'll not take upon myself to judge. How disturbing to gameplay is too disturbing? What cost is too high? (money/time) I'm not saying. I'm just laying out the formula.
Yes, I was agreeing with you.. "where in all that does STO fail"... In addition to your summary, I was also adding moral/ethical concerns.... i.e. if cryptic has become a powercreep that is gouging the player base for money and their methods (some of them very questionable) in doing so.
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