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11-13-2012, 03:19 PM
Originally Posted by jpbeauregard View Post
Sorry, but I can't help myself...

You dished out 100 smackers a month to buy zen? Did that unlock a new accolade and title, "Sucker"?
I payed that much because I could. I can afford to spend that much per month on a game and if I want to I will.

However, with that being said, when a game company wants to blatantly NOT listen to their player-base I'm -Not- going to keep giving them my money.

I just feel that I should let players know who are upset with S7 how to get Cryptic / PW's attention and say "Hey, we don't approve of your changes".

You like S7, I'm glad your happy. I however, am not though. And I know of a lot of others who aren't either.