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07-23-2009, 08:53 PM
  1. With regards to Sub-Systems, can you say how many sub-systems there are? Can you give us examples of some of the Sub-Systems we might be thinking as being Sub-Systems (ie other than Impulse/Warp/Phasers/Torps/Disruptors/etc)?
  2. With Regards to Sub-system Damage not affecting Performance:
    • How fast do you expect sub-systems to go from 100%-0% - assuming the shield is already down?
    • How fast are they repaired? I mean am I going to spend 2 mins destroying my targets Phasers, only to have them repaired in 30 seconds?
    • Is this open 'making it more fun'?
  3. With Regards to Crew death.
    • What does it affect other than repair rates, medical healing rates and 'boarding parties'?
    • Can you 'destroy' a ship just by killing its crew?
    • Will losing 50% of your crew affect the performance of the ship (outside repair/medical/bp)?
  4. Can you go into any detail on what and how Boarding Parties will work? Are they a DoT, DD, or something Else.
  5. Can you better explain the 'Sub-System' Targeting/damage idea? Why waste Damage on a Sub-system that you have to destroy before you see any results, and can be 'healed' to full effectiveness by being repaired to 1%. TBH, I am not seeing the tactical value of such targeting.