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11-13-2012, 03:33 PM
I just realised what they have done.

They have not made dilithium that much harder to come by, they have just changed it around. so as you say you can grind out fleet actions instead of grinding stf's, but you cant just do one type of content any more.

so before, people could do stf's and events. they would get dilithium, fleet marks and different endgame gear by just doing the 5 man content over and over.

now they have set it up so players have 4 main objectives. dilithium, omega marks, romulan marks, and fleet marks. the thing is almost none of it overlaps. so if you want romulan marks you do the romulan events or new romulus, then you go do some stf's or defera to get omega, then you go do some fleet events for your starbase, then you go do some fleet actions, exploration, foundry dailiy etc to get your dilithium.

4 types of content to get 4 types of rewards, means people are in game longer.

they are not restricting dilithium, but if you want dilithium and all the other stuff you are going to have to be in game much more often and do a much wider variety of content.

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