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11-13-2012, 05:28 PM
Bluntly, I am disappointed.

I have been playing, and supporting, this game for about a year now. I do not like the direction the game is heading(despite how much I adore the base concepts and IP). I have been adjusting my 'support' to match that dissent.

As for season 7:

A constriction scheme like this only works if someone is forced to use your product. People are not, and they will leave as a result of these changes. From my perspective as a 'customer', I feel that this patch has wronged me - severely reducing and crippling the enjoyment of the relaxed playstyle that I previously enjoyed.

With as pathetic as business ethics have become in this industry, I am not expecting compensation. I think at this point, I am just going to back off for a bit and offer Cryptic/PWE the chance to re-earn a bit of consumer confidence. In my personal opinion, however, they owe the community for putting greed too far ahead of product satisfaction this time.

Constructively speaking:

Each system of the game should be able to support itself.

Doff Missions should be able to (mostly) cover their expenses. Doing STFs should enable the player to purchase the things they 'unlock'. Likewise for PvP, missions/storylines, and even 'exploration'.

The current (building) problem with the game is that different playstyles are not being supported. Rather, players are being forced into a playstyle that they do not want or enjoy. More needs to be done to support other playstyles. The more people who enjoy playing the game, the more likely they are to throw their money in support of it.

I've seen far too many MMOs fall into a trap of catering towards 'raids'/large group content. Don't get me wrong, I love the addition of fleets, but I really worry Cryptic is getting caught up in the temptation of making a 'hardcore' playstyle completely overshadow everything else - turning all other game systems into feeder/chore systems for 'the end game'.