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# 102 The Pretty Phaser Lady
11-13-2012, 04:45 PM
As some have noticed, Season 7 going live was commemorated with a new piece of artwork starring New Romulus, some Tholians getting the first hits on hero ships, and a vulcan woman dressed up in pieces of the Odyssey uniform you can buy from the Tailor in Fleet Starbases (with the academy skirt and high-heel boots).

So, congrats on the launch of Season 7. And kudos on the art - I know it's a mixed bag with people, but I like it.

However, I have a couple of questions!

1) I bought the Open Jacket uniforms from the C-Store. How long until we get an open jacket version of the Odyssey uniform? ~_^

2) As I am slightly colorblind, I'd be interested in artists providing an idea of how to have the Odyssey uniform in-game customized to match the colors shown on the Pretty Phaser Lady - there are official colors for the Sierra and Jupiter uniforms... but nothing was hinted at until now for the Odyssey uniforms (y'know, like "Tunic A9, F17, H2" or something).