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11-13-2012, 05:54 PM
Well i haven't posted in a while, but seeing the new season 7 frontpage has given me a reason to do so.

I cannot believe how absurdly bad she looks. I don't normally have an issue with revealing outfits or uniforms. But this is just gratuitous and cheap.

She is a captain in starfleet, yet can't seem to pay attention to where she is aiming her phaser, the cleavage is tastelessly right above the download button, and she is falling over, apparently because she is too top heavy, or maybe because she is too empty headed to walk and shoot phasers at the same time.

You want a vulcan chick in a revealing outfit? Fine. But for the love of Trek, make it tasteful! Make her look competent! Make her look like she actually earned her command through hard work and accomplishments, not by being on assignment under Quinn's desk!

She could have been pointing the phaser at us, held in both hands with a look on her face that says she means business, and in that pose, her breasts would have had plenty of reason to be pressed together.

Or perhaps she could have been sitting in a chair looking stressed and a bit tired at a mountain of reports to explain her dressing down. Its the kind of scene that says here is a competent, attractive woman trying to fix these problems, but there's just too much for one person.

So honestly, give us something better. You can dress her however you want, but make her look like she isn't a bimbo tripping over her own feet about to complain about breaking a nail, because the caption for that picture screams, "Like OMG, I dropped my phaser!"